The Total Power Consumption and Power Supply of Guangzhou both Exceed 100 Billion kWh

信息來源:公司網站  發布時間2021-12-30

Guangzhou - By December 12, the total power consumption and power supply of Guangzhou both have exceeded 100 billion kWh.
It is estimated that this year the total power supply of Guangzhou will reach 104.7 billion kWh, up by 13 percent year on year and the total power consumption will reach 112 billion kWh, up by 12.4 percent year on year.
Guangzhou has also become the sixth city in China after Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Chongqing and Shenzhen, where the dual elements og power supply and consumption have both exceeded 100 billion kWh.
Further analysis of power data shows that the economic structure of Guangzhou has been greatly improved and its economy is booming.
According to statistics, power consumption of the secondary industry in Year  2021 is 43.762 billion kWh, up by 8.75 percent year on year (up by 3.87 percent over Year 2019), among which IT, electronics and auto manufacturing industries have continued to pillar industries, maintaining a rapid growth rate. Power consumption of the tertiary industry is 36.63 billion kWh, a 19.51 percent growth rate over Year 2020 (a 17.32 percent increase over 2019), which continues to gain momentum.
Senior leaders of the Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau will further improve the security and reliability of the electrical power supply and power grid as it is estimated that by the end of Year 2025, four transformer substations of 500kV, 24 transformer substations of 220 kV and 65 transformer substations of 110 kV will be established in Guangzhou.