A New Power System Demonstration Area To Be Built in Guangdong-Macao
In-Depth Cooperation Zone in Hengqin

信息來源:公司網站  發布時間2021-12-13

Guangzhou - On December 10, the Executive Committee of Guangdong-Macao In-Depth Cooperation Zone in Hengqin and senior leaders of the Guangdong Power Grid Corporation signed the 14th Five-Year Plan strategic cooperation agreement in Hengqin.
The two parties have reached a consensus on establishing a strategic cooperation relationship that is closer and comprehensive. Both parties have pledged to work in unison to build a modern power grid that is "safe, reliable, green, efficient and intelligent"; accelerate the construction of a new power system with new energy recourses as its mainstay and provide First Class power security and power supply services for the economic and social development throughout the Cooperation Zone.
In the future, both parties will be building the Cooperation Zone into a new power system demonstration area where highly-reliable power supplies, digital power grid and "carbon neutrality" will be demonstrated.
Concurrently, both sides have agreed to plans to construct an energy and power supply system of “Two Highs and One Complete”, referring to a system offering highly-reliable power supplies, high-quality services and utilizing 100% renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and hydroelectric power, to promote high-quality energy development throughout the Cooperation Zone.
It is reported that the following contents are concluded in the contract:
·Continue to carry out the planning, construction and operation of the power grid, as well as intensively cultivate the energy industry in the Cooperation Zone;
·Promote the construction of advanced scientific research platforms, strengthen the power industry to tackle key technical problems and carry out a wealth of demonstration and application of scientific research results to support the construction of the new power system in the Cooperation Zone;
·Facilitate electric power system reforms and reduce the power consumption cost of enterprises;
·Create a law-based power business environment while promoting the connection between the relevant power rules between the Cooperation Zone and Macao, and
·Revise and issue normative documents such as power supply and consumption rules that will provide legal guarantees for optimizing the power business environment.
As it strives to achieve world-class power supply capacity, the Guangdong Power Grid Corporation continues to promote the construction of the advanced power demonstration zone in Hengqin.
Concerning the characteristics of relatively high-power load density in the future and scarce land resources in the Cooperation Zone, the power grid has stepped up this time-critical transformation, adopting a 220kV direct drop to 20kV mode which will generally reduce the equipment scale of line stations and saves station land and line corridors resources.
Simultaneously, three 220kV transformer substations have been built in the north, middle and south of the demonstration zone to formulate a high-voltage grid network where the transformer substations are mutually independent and supportive in the power supply areas. The construction of eight groups of feeder sets of "Double-Chain Link" intelligent multi-source distribution network has already achieved full coverage of self-healing backbone network as electrical power can be rapidly recovered within milliseconds.
By the end of November, the average interruption hours of customer (low-voltage) was a mere 24.585 seconds per household, which is barely felt by the users.
To further construction of the Cooperation Zone, senior managers from the Guangdong Power Grid Corporation will make every effort to task engineers to build a  "Four Poles and Two Wings" butterfly-shaped power grid in Zhuhai, continuously promoting the 20 kV "Double-Chain Link" standard wiring construction and developing the cooperation zone into a highly-reliable power supply demonstration zone.
It is planned that by Year 2025, a new strong main grid pattern of "All Cable Lines Plus Indoor Stations" will be established in the Cooperation Zone.
By then, the average annual interruption hours of customer will be less than two minutes, reaching the world's top level.