Virtual Meeting Between EVN and CSG Leadership
Bringing Cooperation to a Higher Level

信息來源:公司網站  發布時間2021-12-08

On December 3, a high-level meeting was held, via video link, between China Southern Power Grid and Electricity of Vietnam on the two companies’ further exchanges and cooperation.
Both chairmen, Mr. Meng Zhenping of CSG and Mr. Duong Quang Thanh of EVN, addressed the meeting as other attendees included Mr. Zhang Wenfeng, Vice President of CSG, and directors and managers of EVN.
Mr. Meng first extended his deepest gratitude to EVN for its constant concern and support and introduced the operational development of China Southern Power Grid  in recent years.
“With the almost 20-year partnership featuring efforts to promote power grid connection, investment cooperation, and in-depth communication, the two companies have yielded fruitful results in terms of grid interconnectivity, co-development of power supply, technical exchanges, and employee training,” said Mr. Meng.
He envisioned that in the future the two companies will further efforts in grid interconnectivity, green energy development, and comprehensive exchanges and cooperation.
As a result, the China-Vietnam cooperation in utilities can reach a higher level, with China's Belt and Road Initiative and Vietnam's "Two Corridors and One Economic Circle" plan complementing each other.
Mr. Duong Quang Thanh also thanked the senior leaders of China Southern Power Grid for its long-term support and assistance to EVN and talked about how the group has developed and what the future direction is.
He recognized that in the last 20 years, the two companies have worked closely and made significant achievements in connecting power grids and building investment projects. For the next step, he hopes to enhance the win-win cooperation with CSG in employee training and exchanges on the DC technology and build electric systems ready for new energies and digital transformation. This will also boost the economic and social development in Vietnam and China.
The leadership of the two sides also discussed and shared experiences about SOE reforms, state-owned assets supervision and digital transformation. To put the meeting into practice, all parties agreed to soon update the memorandum of understanding after consultation.