More than 60 Billion kWh of Electricity Supplied to Macao

信息來源:公司網站  發布時間2021-12-09

As of December 2, 2021, China Southern Power Grid has supplied 60,019 million kWh of electricity to Macao, a solid breakthrough in its history.

25 Times of Increase in Annual Power Supply Capacity

Since 1984 when the Zhuhai Power Supply Bureau, a subsidiary of CSG, started supplying electricity to Macao, it has fulfilled this inherent mission now for 37 consecutive years. From January to November of this year, 4,851 million kWh of electricity has been transmitted by the Zhuhai Power Supply Bureau, with the total amount expected to reach 5.15 billion kWh by the end of Year 2021, a twenty-five-fold increase from Year 1999, the year of Macao’s return to China.

To facilitate the diversified economic development of Macao, China Southern Power Grid has enhanced the electric energy security system for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area with its main grids in eastern Zhuhai supplying consistent electrical power to Macao. Apart from the proven transmission channels consisting of six 220 kV lines and four 110 kV lines, a new channel from Zhuhai was built in June 2019 and has been upgraded to be more physically resistant to extreme weather events, such as typhoons, for the sake of ensuring reliable power supplies to Macao.

Automated Inspection of Power Transmission Equipment

Over these many years, China Southern Power Grid has reaped noticeable benefits of digitization in transmitting electricity to Macao. In terms of power lines, the use of online monitoring systems allows fully automated inspection of transmission equipment, intelligent safety control, and computer-assisted emergency response and decision-making. In addition, to ensure safe and stable operation of substations, CSG engineers have upgraded several 220 kV substations with program-enabled features, such as unmanned automated inspection and one-click management of primary and secondary substation equipment and auxiliary facilities.

CSG senior managers have also joins hands with CEM in building unified operation mechanisms in terms of electricity network interconnection, event notification and coordination, urgent repair services, and power dispatching and emergency response. Through regular meetings of the Grid Operation Management Committee and among several working groups, the two companies are able to deal with management and technical problems arising in a timely manner, ensuring safe, stable and reliable power supplies to Macao.

For the remainder of the 14th Five-Year Plan period, CSG senior leaders plan to establish a reinforced defense system against windstorms and other disasters and accelerate the construction of the new power transmission channel to Macao with another two 220kV power lines. It will also optimize the network composition and is expected to build a power transmission channel with indoor 500kV substations connected by wire cables along the way, pushing its power supply capacity to a significantly higher level.