CSG Ready for Anti-Icing

信息來源:  發布時間2021-11-29

Guangzhou - As of November 25, China Southern Power Grid  has completed 62 out of 71 anti-icing projects for transmission lines … and 104 out of 158 such projects for power distribution networks and all tasks for icing prevention in Guangdong have been fulfilled.
Concurrently, Company engineers and staff have completed experiments on 87 sets of fixed DC ice-melting devices, 47 sets of vehicle-mounted ice-melting devices and 46 ice-melting transformers.
In recent years, CSG has been rapidly improving its technical standards of anti-icing, enhancing the ice-resistant and ice-melting capacity of its power grids and contributing to technological advances in disaster prevention and mitigation. CSG engineers completed key tasks by November 30, including icing preventing, defect elimination of ice-melting devices, 100 percent network connection of ice monitoring devices and the removal of large trees along power lines in frozen areas.
Additionally, China Southern Power Grid staff have sorted out emergency supplies and rescue teams, carrying out special inspections on icing prevention and melting as well as fire prevention to be fully prepared for rain and snow in this winter and next spring 2022.