CSG Border Heroes Strive to Ensure Power Security for COVID-19 Prevention and Control

信息來源:  發布時間2021-12-02

Ruili - SinceAs Ruili in western China shares a long border with Myanmar, its residents have frequent business and leisure exchanges with the Burmese. The city has so far experienced four consistent waves of COVID-19 since last year, posing great challenges for all forms of society parties concerned. Currently, the city still faces great pressure in COVID-19 prevention and control.
In light of thise severe situation, the senior managers from the Ruili Power Supply Bureau of CSG Yunnan Power Grid immediately started launched a power supply response for social emergencies and implemented. It took  strident measures to guarantee its badly needed  electrical power suppliesy, the ability to dispatch power and launch special maintenance inspections in key rural areas.
These and many other efforts combined to ensured normal operation of major power lines in Ruili.
Ruili Power Supply Bureau senior managers formulated staff and engineer work plans based on the requirements of power suppliesy for epidemic prevention and control. These seasoned experts It drovepushed forward the construction of electricity-supporting facilities as engineers nd constantly checked the work list of planned interruption areas in time to call off non-emergency repairs.
Meanwhile, the Ruili Power Supply Bureau senior leaders worked diligently to bureau improved its power supply plans scheme in key areas for epidemic prevention and control and protecting people's business and leisure livelihood.
They It timely opened up a special channel to provide “one-on-one” service to shorten power connection time,  and selected elites across the region to address power demand issues. Senior officials It also joined hands with border checkpoints, frontier inspections, customs and other departments to inspect power supply at over more than 500 border duty stations as engineers worked together to collectively nd solve significant challenges problems like low voltage caused by new monitoring and communication equipment.
In addition, seasoned Ruili Power Supply Bureau engineers the bureau accurately located villages and residents living within the border area with big data and enhanced real-time load monitoring and comparative analysis of historical data to assist the government in building a strong epidemic prevention and control network.
By November 4, the Ruili Power Supply Bureau senior officials bureau had assisted medical personnel with arranging for in nucleic acid tests for more than 53,20085 persons within its service area (43 rounds), sent 6,138 persons for border guard service and inspected more than 83,700 kilometreskilometers of border lines.
The surveillance time and scope and use of drones were greatly restricted as Ruili entered the annual rainy season. Staff there used self-made electric "loud speakers" to popularize notices on COVID-19 prevention and control as staff moved from street to street with . They bbroadcasts in Mandarin, Burmese, Jingpo and Dai to make sure all minorities there can receive important updated informations.
In many stockaded villages where local people lack legal awareness, some many sneaked across national borders to extradite people from abroad, which increases the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus. Therefore, the Ruili Power Supply Bureau Bureau popularizes laws and regulations and printed brochures about relevant provisions. This dramatically aided helped villagers to learn, understand and abide by the law and comply with the lockdown regulations.